Competitions 2015DPSPatchmodifiedcolor-200 – Schedule & Results


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January 15          Subject: Open

February 13        Subject: Open

March 12             Subject: Locks – Keys – Latches

There are multiple meanings for these words, but we are looking only for the ones relating these three together as follows: Latch – a fastner, not a lock – such as a bar falling into a notch or a spring which slides a bolt into a hold. Lock – a fastening usually operated by a key or a combination. Key – an instrument (usually metal) by which the bolt of a lock is turned to open or lock.

April 9                 Subject: Open

May 14                Subject: Open

June 11                Subject: Shadows

A dark figure cast upon a surface by a body or object which intercepts the rays coming from a light source. Shadows only, not silhouettes. Both the subject and the shadow can be in the image.

July 9                   Subject: Open

August 13            Subject: Non-Domestic Animals

Animals domesticated to live and breed in a tame condition such as cats, dogs, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, etc. are considered Domestic animals and are NOT eligible for this subject. The Non-domestic animals may be either in or out of captivity.

September 10       Subject: Open

October 8               Subject: Forms in Nature

Forms in nature can vary widely, but use your creativity to see interesting and/or unusual shapes, patterns, basic designs, or simple natural elements, arrangements or components of nature, without the obvious hand of man depicted.

November 12      Subject: Open

December     Year end Potluck & Awards Ceremony