Competitions 2010 – Schedule & Results

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January              Subject: Open

February            Subject: Open

March                 Subject: Abstracts

Definition: There are many definitions and many types of abstract art, such as abstract expressionism, abstract illusionism, lyrical abstraction and geometric abstracts. There are also many definitions, following are only a few: ABSTRACT……..unreal; optical deception; communication of visual imagery which departs from reality; passing through a world of forms ascending from reality to the abstract; existing only in concept; depicting mysterious diagrams or formless creations; ranges from using bold forms, shapes, colors, and objects to soft and pastel illusions of fantasy; reshaping the natural world for expressive purposes; derives from but does not imitate a recognizable object; unconcerned with literal depiction of things from the visible world; a reduction of form to basic geometric design.

April                   Subject: Open

May                     Subject: Open

June                    Subject: Reflections in Glass

July                     Subject: Open

August                Subject: Open

September        Subject: Old Everything – Barns, Signs, etc. (things only)

October              Subject: Open

November         Subject: Portraits (Humans Only)

Definition: Must be a portrait of a person(s) – animal images are not accepted for this category. Either the head and/or the head and shoulders must fill approximately 75% of the frame, or the full body or bodies must fill approximately 50% of the frame. Group shots are allowed.

December          Year-End Potluck & Awards Ceremony